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Our residential coating of choice has always been PPG, the experts, innovators, leaders and partners. PPG does more than paint. PPG partners with customers to empower successful outcomes for every project, every time.
Developed for all of our customers’ needs and built to perform for the job at hand. Formulated with technology and innovation from a wide range of categories including aerospace and marine.
Built over 135+ years growing and evolving the paint business. Flexible and reliable, PPG is fueled by passion and curiosity to help you solve your next challenge.
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Be Well

PPG Be Well color palette

Be True

PPG Be True color palette

Be Wild

PPG Be Wile color palette

Natural & Serene

PPG Natural & Serene color palette

Residential Services

Before you start your next Home Improvement project, be sure to speak to the experts at Vida Pain & Supply first. We can help you get organized and offer our expert advice to make your project go as smoothly as possible. When your home is disrupted, you need to have a trusted supplier in your corner that can assist you in getting your materials in your hands so that you can get your home back together as soon as possible. Whether you are doing it on your own or have professional help, we want to be your local support to keep your project on track!

On Site Evaluation

Not sure exactly how much product you need? Let our team of experts visit your project and help walk you through calculating the correct amount of product. This will ultimately save money as you will not be ordering too much. In addition, we will be much more familiar with your project for further assistance.

Custom Color Match

We offer computerized and manual color matching services. Need to match some fabric or materials? No problem. Need to touch up a color that was previously applied? No problem. Bring us your samples and let our experts go to work to find you an exact color match. 

Stain Matching

Our team of expert color matchers are also excellent at matching stains. When needing to touch up an area of previously applied stain or trying to match a piece of furniture, let our expert color matchers get you there by bringing us a sample. Once we have a match, we can prepare your new stain and have it ready for you to apply.

Local Support

Because we are a local company and members of your community, we know what folks are looking for in a paint & supply store. We understand the frustrations of dealing with a big box store that has no interest in making sure your project is completed in a timely fashion. Let us be your local experts!

Sundries & Supplies

We have everything you will need for your paint project. Our large inventory includes items such as paint, paint brushes, painters tape, caulkings, paint buckets, draperies and much more. Talk to our in house experts about our products and learn from their many years of experience to help you understand what you will need and what may not be necessary to complete your project. You don't want to be caught off guard in the middle of it, so come by and speak with us. We are here to help!
Paint thinner and other supplies
Paint rollers and thinner
Paint color pallets and swatches
Paint brushes and sundries